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It’s the show telling us that these two have been through a lot together and that they have BONDED! Penny steps in to convince him that he should trust her because she cares about him and has proved to him by her actions! And Sheldon can’t deny any of these! It kinda feels like he visualizes the moments along the way! Or it’s just me wanting him to visualize the b**b grabbing!lol!

Another thing that I particularly like is the position of the characters in the scene! Sheldon and Penny are on the front and the focus is on them, while you can see Leonard and Amy on the background placed next to each other! And this is how it should be: Shenny and Lamy! For once the dynamics were being put in the right place in the same scene! Also what I just noticed from the gifs is that Leonard didn’t stop playing nervously with his fingers the whole time! Jealous again?;-)

OH!OH! And she called him HONEY!!!! “I call eveyone sweetie!” Does she call everyone HONEY too??? Don’t think so!!!

Oh my, oh my. MOST PERFECT SCENE EVER. Penny saying all these things she did for him. Penny starting her long list by “Honey”. I loved the fact she used present tense for Soft Kitty. She didn’t say “I sang you Soft Kitty when you were sick” No, she sings him Soft Kitty when he’s sick, which means she still does it and will do if he ever gets sick again.

The looks she gives him, the way he trusts her, him nodding after the “you’ve even seen me naked once”, so much cuteness. And the Lamy in the background added even more cuteness to that scene.

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